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i need chocolatey cookie goodness

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and the ghost in Harrenhal.
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No need to worry, ‘cause everybody will die

main cast deaths + their last lines (+ doyle) 

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A+ parenting

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"You ought to make up your mind, Rupes. What are you wasting time for?"

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casual reminder that her name is Jenny Calendar because her days are numbered.

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starseed-galactic replied to your post “I swear this isn’t strictly at GoT blog. I just really got obsessed…”

i miss spangelus. Please put more of that hot bisexual prince then? The new one. (sorry, not obsessed. Don’t know his name :D )

I know who you speak of. I believe I have some stuff with him in my queue. There’s also some Spangelus there as well. The queue’s pretty diverse as far as that goes, but still a lot of GoT.

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